Founder & CEO Mr. Tuan

Eup established in 2004 which is over 10 years in FMS area. Eup dedicated to taking care of our colleagues- family first and then working will be the second, as following the principle of Lao-Tzu in the rule of nature. In the past 10 years, we’ve suffered from failure and enjoyed from growth since we’ve become more confident in ourselves. We found that happy life and joyful work could be balanced, and we were grateful for anything we got from the rule of nature. It is so-called that nobody could fight with someone chasing peace and balance.
Thanks to every colleagues, partners and clients with Eup. It’s you to make Eup become extraordinary in the world.
Lời của Chủ Tịch Eup

Fast Service, Lifetime Warranty

Guaranteed maintenance service for customers within 48h


Giới thiệu Eup


Eup is No. 1 Fleet Management System brand in Taiwan. We prepared for years to enter the international market. And now, we're step by step to fulfill the wish. Eup branches in Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and now proceeding to Thailand! Eup provides great service processes, software solutions, hardware, and cloud server. We bring all these experiences to help every fleet become efficient and productive. The business faith in Eup is “Fast Service, Lifetime Warranty,” which is our promise to give our customers the fastest repair service within 48 hours.

We’ve earned thousands of customers’ recognition in Southeast Asia, and now, let us help you find out how easy to start your fleet management with Eup!

Branches in southeast asia

Branches in southeast asia